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How To Let A Girl Know You Want Her

21 March 2011 No Comment

You probably realise by now that at some point you have to let a girl know that you are interested in her.

Chances are that she feels the same way, so by making the move you get closer to getting what you want too.

If you don’t do it, someone else will. You don’t want another guy to get her before you, right?

On the other hand this may be quite a scary experience.

As men we sometimes feel scared of rejection and this stops us from getting  the girls we are attracted to.

In this post, you are about to discover some secrets that will make it easier to express your desire.

Secret #1 – It’s a step by step thing…

When you want to attract a woman, you have to understand that it is a process. Imagine that somebody walks up to you and expects you to buy something immediately, just like that. You probably won’t feel very comfortable.

It’s the same thing with girls. You want to make them feel comfortable. How? Start by flirting with her.

Making little jokes, with sexual subtexts here and there will let her know you are interested. When she reciprocates you will have to take things to the next level. As you can see…

Secret #2 – It’s not about talking!

The thing is, it’s about her making a decision when you tell her you want her. It’s about you leading things where you want them to go.

At some point, you want to touch her hand, see how she responds. Basically, little by little you must get physical.

Girls like to be “swept away”.

Don’t get it wrong – you must respect her physical space. If she is not comfortable, let her be. You can move on to another girl.

The whole point here is that it’s your actions that will make things happen – not just your words.

Secret # 3 – Different girls will react differently

Look, there are some girls who just want to have fun. There are others who want a serious relationship. Many are somewhere in between.

If you want to succeed you must learn to accept the fact that not all girls will want the same thing as you.

That’s why there are so many out there – for you to pick and choose the ones suitable for you.

In most cases, it’s best not to jump straight into a relationship. This will only scare the girl away.

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