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How To Stop Being A Nice Guy – Don’t Read This!

17 June 2010 2 Comments

You wanna know how to stop being a nice guy?

I want to know why you are such a wimp? Eh?

Why do you go around trying to do things just so that they love you and accept you?

Why do you keep doing the same things, getting hurt by the same people who won’t change?

Why, oh why?How to Stop Being a Nice Guy

So, I’m gonna work with you here so I need you to focus. But first please check if you have a pair of balls. ;). Sorry I couldn’t help it.

Your Personal Power and Respect

That’s what we need to take care of first. So this is what you’ll do.

Make a list of all the things you allow people to do that you don’t like. Then, the next time they do it you are going to confront them.

Huge tip on how to stop being a nice guy

No shouting or fighting. You are simply going to tell them you will not tolerate this behaviour any more. That’s what we call personal boundaries.

Many people will treat you badly if let them. They will disrespect and manipulate you. Now, when you let them know your boundaries it makes it harder for them to do so.

Also, having good boundaries will protect other people from you. Yes, you.

When you don’t demand respect from people how sure are you that you have been giving other people enough respect.

Your not better or worse than other people

Maybe you think you will hurt if you stop trying to please them. Maybe you think you are so good they should just start loving and appreciating you already.

Well the truth is you’re just like everybody else. Even those who don’t try as hard as you do.

This means how you treat your self plays a huge part when you want to stop being a nice guy.

Your relations with women

Hmm… Do you keep getting pushed into the friend zone? Are you to shy to let the girls know when you want to fuck them?

In that case you really have to learn how to stop being a nice guy.

For now, if you carry your woman’s handbag whilst she is shopping you need help. If your woman doesn’t respect you, I can help you but you have to be really willing to change.

Start appreciating that you are a man

Maybe you have tried really hard not to be like other guys. It hasn’t helped you much has it?

You are a man and men act in a certain way.

One thing you have to understand that is that it’s OK for women to get upset with you. Women are just as annoying anyway.

We have to rebuild your masculine core. And that’s how to stop being a nice guy.

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