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How To Be More Manly And Masculine

12 May 2010 No Comment

This a question many men are asking now “How to be more manly?”

The modern society has an unprecedented amount of males who are not sur of what it means to be a man.

Single men all over the world are finding trouble finding a suitable female partner to be in a relationship with.More Manly

You may even have experienced a sort of shame for being a man. If you were raised by a single mother you may find it difficult fitting into the world. No-one showed you how to be a man.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Understand that modern society doesn’t endorse masculinity – the consumer world is built mainly to cater to women. For this reason we have been trained not to offend women. You may have felt the fear of women getting angry. This is due to the societal conditioning. Your first step to becoming more manly would be to get rid of that fear
  • Get more physical – Intensive exercise increases testosterone production and will naturally bring out more of your masculine side
  • Focus on a goal – Find something worth achieving and achieve it! You will be able to express yourself more fully when you are passionate about something. It’s more manly to make something happen than to simply follow the crowd. Plus, you will become that much more attractive to women.
  • Don’t try to please women – Nowadays men confuse being a gentleman with being a wussy. You have to be able to tell a woman when she offends you. Being   a gentleman doesn’t mean tolerating her nonsense. Even if she gets offended it’s all right -as a man you are not supposed to be everyone’s best friend. Be respectful and demand that respect too.

Being more manly means being able to take the lead. Don’t wait for your friends to be successful – do it first. Even if they discourage you, keep going. In the end you will become more manly than other guys around you. You will feel more attractive and confident.

You also have to become more comfortable with yourself. Manly men feel good in their own skin.

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