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Never Had A Girlfriend! Is Something Wrong With Me?

15 February 2010 3 Comments

Never had a girfriend - How I wish I had oneFor those of us who never had a girlfriend until an older age this can be really frustrating.

It can get really lonely. Not to mention the boredom we might experience. I remember lying in my bed, night after night, wondering “Will I ever have a girlfriend?”. I would look at girls in magazines and TV and wished on would be mine.

And then you see other people having girlfriends (sometimes loads of them) and wonder “Is something wrong with me?”

When you ask people for advice they say stuff like “Love will come to you, be patient”, “It’s OK if you don’t have a girlfriend yet” .

“Well, I’ve been patient all this while and I’ve never had a girlfriend!”

Or even worse “You’re a really nice guy, one day you will meet someone special, don’t worry about it”.

Well, to be honest, it sucks if you’ve never had a girlfriend at 18, 21, 25, 30 or even 40.

You don’t want to wait and you want one now! And “if I’m so special how come nobody wants to go out with me?”.

I used to be in the same position.

The closest I got to a relationship was “Let’s just be friends for now… I’m not ready for anything serious.” Only to find out she was crazy about some other guy.

I got sick and tired of that.

So I started to learn various approaches and techniques. I had never had a girlfriend and most of the systems were not suited for guys who had no previous experience.

It was really painful process being rejected over and over again.

I almost gave up altogether!

I analysed every single move I made . And I started to see patterns that actually got me results with women.

Slowly but surely I began to understand attraction and how to easily get a girlfriend.

If I could do it, you can do it too!

If you never had a girlfriend – you can learn.

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